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CSEN Cyber Tips – Cyber Security Tips & Awareness Training

Welcome to Greatest Training Ever.Com (GTEver); the fresh new voice for the Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) training industry. Led by the creative genius of the Shannon brothers, Pat and T. Sean, our cyber security training & awareness programs are probably the biggest achievement mankind has seen since we put a man on the moon some 50+ years ago. Of course, the Shannon family had a hand in that too with their dad being a NASA engineer and all.

Our CSEN Cyber Tips program is designed to complement and supplement your current awareness programs, not replace them. Or you can use these to establish a cyber security training and awareness program that can grow with your needs. Whatever your status, you can add our turnkey, plug-and-play video campaign program to enhance your efforts for next to nothing, cost and timewise.

Our high-end, comedy-based video campaign features CSEN, the Cyber Security Entertainment Network. Utilizing Emmy Award-winning writing from Saturday Night Live, recognizable SNL on-air talent, and Hollywood production resources, we provide you with fun, entertaining, and engaging short videos your workforce will love, want to watch, and learn from.

Our client list includes multi-national Fortune companies, Top 25 Law Firms, Top 10 US cities, banks, hospital systems, and software companies just to name a few. The results and feedback have been phenomenal and is a great fit for any organization regardless of size.

So, check out the sample videos and get on board with this “drip marketing” cyber tips campaign that will enhance your ongoing cyber security communications and initiatives year-round. Got some questions? Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 281-545-CSEN (2736).

CSEN Cyber Tips is one small step for Greatest Training Ever, one giant leap for Cyber Security Awareness.