What We Do

We are an independent production company dedicated to developing fresh, engaging, and entertaining content for the purpose of Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) and training (CSAT) to the general working population. That is our mission, that is our goal.

Our Comedy Based Cyber Security Awareness Training Makes Us Different”

We are coming at this from quite a different angle. Our CSA content is entertainment/comedy-based and we rely on our extensive experience of engaging an audience and delivering the pertinent information in a timely and memorable way.

High-End Writing

It all begins with the writing. T. Sean Shannon is our Chief Creative Officer (CCO), head writer, and one of the premiere sketch comedy writing talents of his generation. His Emmy award-winning work at Saturday Night Live included the popular IT-based character Nick Burns, Your Company Computer Guy played by Jimmy Fallon.

His captivating comedy intros to the training content has been proven to be widely popular and more effective than traditional training approaches.

The theme of our new program launch is a mainstream setting that is appealing to the masses.

High-End Talent

We use recognizable and professionally trained acting talent for both the comedy intros and the content training to ensure top-notch delivery of content. The feedback we receive on our training talent has been phenomenal.


Our new program features tenured show business actors and comedians who are highly recognizable across a wide demographic. They are featured performers from sketch comedy shows, primetime network sitcoms, stage plays, stand-up comedy and hit movies.

High-End Production

We use Hollywood/show business quality production teams to provide you with the highest caliber deliverable possible. Throughout T. Sean’s career, he has worked with and established relationships with some of the most talented companies, teams and individuals who we engage in our production efforts.

Affordable Comedy-based Cybersecurity Training Program

Affordable Comedy Based Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs

We gear our CSA programs to the general employee population and feel they should be affordable and accessible to the masses. You will find this readily apparent with our CSEN Cyber Tips pricing. We want everyone to see our comedy based cyber security training program and enjoy cybersecurity awareness the way it should be.

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