About Us


HogHead Hank Productions, LLC dba Greatest Training Ever .com (GTEver) is an independent production company that provides high-quality, high-impact content and solutions for the Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) industry.

Using Emmy award-winning comedy writing, recognizable TV talent, and high-end Hollywood production resources, we develop and deliver high-quality, fun, engaging and interesting CSAT solutions to the marketplace.

We strongly believe our programs should not only be affordable and accessible to the largest of organizations but also to the SMB marketplace and the masses and we have priced our solutions accordingly.

We have done this before, and we are doing it again. Our prior efforts were very well received and were rated as a market leading solution by top industry analysts. Independent research proved our previous offerings to be far more effective and enjoyable than traditional training approaches.

And we are just getting started. So, take a look, check us out, jump on board, and let us hear from you.

Pat Shannon

Pat Shannon

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pat Shannon has 35+ years of experience in the cyber security and the IT/data communications industry having served in various executive and management roles with - MORE -

T. Sean Shannon

T. Sean Shannon

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

T. Sean Shannon is an Emmy-award writer from Saturday Night Live (SNL) as well as a highly accomplished writer, author, comedian, director, and producer. His credits include an eight-year run - MORE -

Don Legate

Don Legate

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Don Legate brings many years of successful experience in building and maintaining strong client relationships, product support and positioning, competitive analysis, and effective and successful sales efforts. - MORE -

Bill Taub

Bill Taub

Chief Security Advisor (CSA)

Bill Taub is a cybersecurity executive, pioneer, and passionate practitioner and he provides his expertise as GTEver’s Chief Security Advisor (CSA). Bill has served as a VP Enterprise Security, VP of Cyber Security - MORE -

Easy All the Way

We are trying really hard to make things really easy for you to do business with us every step of the process.

CSEN Cyber Tips

Our CSEN Cyber Tips program is a turnkey, “drip marketing” cybersecurity awareness campaign with plug-and-play videos. It doesn’t get any easier than that; right?


Our pricing is super easy; both to figure out for your organization and on your budget.


The buying process is easy, simple, and straightforward. All we need you to do is:
1. GET A QUOTE, let us know who you are, and how many end-users you are supporting.
2. We’ll send you a Quote, our End User License Agreement (EULA) and Billing Information form.
3. Send us the executed EULA and completed Billing Information to support@gtever.com and you’re done!
If you require a more formal procurement process, just email us and we’ll work it out with you.


Once we have received your executed EULA, and Billing Information, we will provide you with your credentials to do a secure download of the content almost immediately!


We’ll provide you with easy ways to deploy the program to all your users. You might already have some ideas on this front, but we’ll offer up some suggestions just the same.